The Plastic Bag Store

The Plastic Bag Store

Adelaide Festival

If you think the single-use jetsam of your weekly shopping haul is nightmarish, imagine a supermarket displaying aisle upon gleaming aisle of everything you could possibly want, as long as it’s 100% plastic. Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker Robin Frohardt has created an installation that is as funny as it is horrific.

Art, craft, film and puppetry converge in an ingenious installation that makes the most extravagant Craig Reucassel-stunt look low-key. A glance at her hilarious trailer will have you longing to get amongst her lovingly hand-made goodies, created from hundreds of upcycled plastic bags and plastic rubbish, “locally sourced and harvested from the streets and bins of New York City.”

Most uncannily resemble everyday products (from tubs of ice cream and whole rotisserie chickens to deli items, mixed salads, fruit, veg, and cleaning supplies) while others entice you to sample new lines, such as Baggo Breakfast Waffles (“Hot melty bags in your mouth in minutes”), Bagarino Pizza or juice-like cartons of Orange Plastic Bags, complete with an honest list of Nutrition Facts (straight zeros) and homespun mission statement (“only the finest orange plastic bags from Florida delivered to you with love”).

This jaw-dropping ‘supermarket’ was designed for Manhattan’s Times Square, and after COVID forced its closure hours before its world premiere in March, it returned in October to wow post-lockdown New Yorkers. Rundle Mall is its first-ever foreign destination.

It’s free and open to everyone, you can either wander at your leisure or book a free immersive experience. A trip to the supermarket will never be the same after you visit The Plastic Bag Store.

When: From 23 Feb - 14 Mar

Where: Located upstairs on Level 1, Rundle Place, 77-91 Rundle Mall, Adelaide